Why Manage Better?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Why the name?

Why do I believe that quality is an unfair advantage? To be honest I did not coin this phrase. The credit goes to Suresh Lulla, my guru and mentor. The unfair advantage theme was high on our agenda when planning a new book. The book will happen, someday.

So why unfair? When an organization excels with quality invariably the competition screams Unfair. Why? Because they cannot compete with high quality. It's easier to scream unfair than putting your head down and solving the problems that your customers and employees face.

When you work with a quality and excellence paradigm you gain an unfair advantage in the market place. You can charge higher or maintain prices (gain market share with higher profitability). With quality you can be more predictable.

Why a blog? While speaking to people on the quality theme I realised that a lot of us have a story or opinion to share. All I am doing is to provide a space (it's quite easy actually, you can have your own blog too!).

What topics will cover? Anything related to quality - opinions, book reviews, tips, tools, profiles, jobs...

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