Why Manage Better?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is Top Management Committment Overhyped?

Earlier this week I was tempted to answer a question on LinkedIn.com. The question was around – what is the most important and first step in implementing a QMS. Don’t worry, I am not answering this question now. While scanning the answers to this question I could see a pattern. Most of the answers were avoiding the typical ‘top management commitment’ kind of response. This is a welcome sign.

My two cents of this ‘top management commitment’ pre-requisite to everything. I think it is overhyped. It's an easy way for a quality professional to push blame on top management. It is the quality professional's job to prove that he or she deserves the support. Top management just has too many things on the radar – what are we doing to SHINE?

All you can and should pray for is a top management that is not ‘anti’ whatever you are trying to do. You can win support as you move deeper into the project. But it’s very tough to change a completely 'anti' person to a 'pro' one.