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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leadership Training?

I recently responded to a post - Paradigm shift in Leadership Training. Am sharing my views here.

The question asked if we thought a paradigm shift was required in our attitude towards Leadership Training.

First, my cynical view - this question mixes two to the most abused terms today. Leadership and Paradigm. I am appalled really at what is sometimes presented as leadership training (sic!). Two hour sessions with some interactive game thrown in is leadership at times. Many of the trainers I see are far from being a role model in what they do...and they want to be leadership trainers. I don't want to bring in age here...but that appears to be a factor. 25 year old leadership trainers!!! No offense to age but some experience helps.

Training for leadership? There is little evidence to support that it works. Coaching/Mentoring for Leadership. Yes!

My view on the paradigm change in leadership training (I am flowing with the term only for consistency with the question) - We will move to Coaching/Mentoring for leadership from 'training'. This will be linked to results. Much of this Coaching/Mentoring will be 'evolved' for each client. I also think Leadership training will finally realize that leadership is not about 'good behavior alone - its about performance, helping others perform, developing other leaders, and more.

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