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Friday, November 27, 2009

Learning from Failed Change Programs

I have so often been in situations where we (me included) are not keen to look at failed change programs critically. We are not honest about the reasons or can't put it on paper due to organizational issues.

1. Speak to the people involved in the earlier (failed) change. It helps if you can generate trust and seek information on what won't be there in emails and closure reports.

2. Engage the current team to discuss the reasons. As frank as possible will help. This is a tough one - most of us are at our enthusiastic best and believe that the current change will not meet the fate the earlier one did. This could be blind faith.

3. List down the failure modes (FMEA) and identify what you can do about them. Early detection is a good thing in any field (not just medicine).

4. Keep re-visiting these failure modes in your reviews. This is again tough. We all tend to go with the flow and forget many of these steps. I have tried including this in agenda items. It helps.

5. Get your program critically audited/reviewed. Try and use a person from the team that had the failed program.


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