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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What is TQM?

What is TQM?

The best source to go for this is Dr. J M Juran's teachings on TQM. The next best is to refer to the Baldrige award criteria.

I will try to present a summary of Dr. JMJ's view on TQM.

Customer Satisfaction
Employee Empowerment
Cost/Waste Reduction
Revenue Improvement.

Quality Planning
Quality Control
Quality Improvement.

This is also known as the Juran Trilogy.

Total Quality System
Customer-Supplier Chain
Organization-Wide Involvement
Measurement and Information
Education and Training.

Strategic Quality Planning
Executive Leadership
Customer Focus.

The above model is explained in JMJ’s courses and also described in some of his books. You may also refer his books – Quality, Planning, and Analysis and Managerial Breakthrough.

The Baldrige model also provides a comprehensive treatment of TQM. It is important to understand that unlike techniques such as Six Sigma and Balanced Scorecard, TQM is a larger body of knowledge. Several authors have taken a shot to develop a model for TQM but in my view only Juran’s work and the Baldrige model come close. And even this maybe incomplete.


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