Why Manage Better?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Leadership is Overhyped

Problem with Leadership is - it is overhyped. It is 'sexy' to talk about it. In the guise of being a leader people stop managing or even worse working. I find that a major worry. Good leaders work a lot themselves. And they are good at something...even if it is one thing. Not just making speeches and reviewing plans.

IMHO when leaders are respected for what they know and do and what they stand for, their people can take a lot of nonsense from them. Good behavior based leadership styles are not only fake they are plain ineffective.

Good managing is more a need of the hour than good leadership. If at all there is a difference. Henry Mintzberg has a written a classic on this – Managing. Even Ram Charan and Bossidy’s Execution is a classic leadership work that drives the point that working and finishing off is important.