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Friday, October 22, 2010

A View from The Q


So, what's new. A lot, if we are talking about ASQ. A major re-branding with a goal for 2015, ASQ is poised to The Global Voice of Quality. The make-over is on and will soon be unveiled to the world.

Part of this makeover is a new blog - A View from The Q. On this blog Paul Borawski, Executive Director and Chief Strategic Officer at ASQ will work with 22 select bloggers to raise the voice of quality. In this unique effort all bloggers on the panel will blog on select topics and invite comments. At the end of the month, Paul will summarize and create and ASQ point of view. Sounds cool!

So why am I excited? I am one of the 22 selected for this experiment. Hopefully, this will push me to write more often. If you are reading this, try coming back in about two weeks. Thanks.