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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quality Goals for 2011

As 2010 closes on us we have an opportunity to look back at what we did, what we could not, and we chose not to do.  It also gives us an opportunity to think of what we want to do next year.  The holiday mood set in before Christmas and will take us through to the first few days of the New Year.  And this could be a good time to think positively about the New Year.

So what do we want to do in 2011 (from a Quality perspective)

1.       I would like to see my team helping our operations and business teams achieve more on key goals – cycle time, accuracy, cost per unit, productivity, utilization, and customer satisfaction.

2.       I would like to see my team (me included) become more customer centric and have an end-to end view in most metrics.

3.       Make ASQ India and ASQ LMC Bangalore an active and visible enterprise.

4.       Read, write, and speak more – and maybe start the book that I have wanted to write.

5.       Last but not the least, utilize the time I have with my family more effectively – their joy makes me feel so worthwhile.

So how would I measure the above?  Work related goals maybe easier to measure.  Our performance management system takes care of it.  For the ASQ work I do I plan to have very measurable goals with my team – stuff like number of meetings, members converted, student members, speaking assignments, etc.

Personally, my reading and speaking has come down.  I plan to try and finish one book a month!  Writing will follow – like all people I get ideas when I read.  Is that stealing? Haha.

So, that’s it.  Thanks for reading this far.  Happy holidays and may you have a great year.

My employment conditions require me to avoid specifics and I think that’s fair enough. So pardon me if you find this post a bit not so specific!

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