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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Building a Quality Culture - Intolerance for poor quality and delivering on promises does it!

Had an engaging discussion with couple of friends yesterday.  Among the topics was the troublesome topic of building a quality culture.  What is it and how do you build it?

I am not qualified to comment on it but then have I cared about my qualification on anything? Haha.
IMHO building a quality culture is about having the right behaviors and achieving results. Everything boils down to this.  If we all don’t behave in interest of quality ALL the time there is little chance we will build a culture that supports quality.  And even more importantly if we don’t collectively achieve the results we set out for we don’t build the credibility that is so essential for a quality culture.

Intolerance for poor quality all the time is a key behavior management must demonstrate.  This is even more crucial in moments of truth. Haven’t we seen leaders/managers talk much about customer and quality and then when rubber hits the road and the going gets tough these leaders/managers are the first to suggest cutting corners?  If they are not the first they look around the room hoping and praying that someone even makes a hint of a suggestion for them to jump on it and agree.

Achieving results is critical to building a quality culture.  Good results come from good processes (Yes, I know there is more to it…but this is a blog not an article).  Good processes come from good people.  Good people come to companies which have good results…and so on.  If you want a quality culture, deliver on your promises.

In summary intolerance for poor quality and delivering on promises builds a robust quality culture.  Agree/disagree?  – let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,

Gone through the post & lines
"In summary intolerance for poor quality and delivering on promises builds a robust quality culture. Agree/disagree? "
Here are my thoughts from a Quality person prospective;
Well prior to have subject of "INTOLERANCE" , to build a culture coined as Quality one needs to develop a culture of respect for change ,we all know any change in any form encounters a fierce resistance which is an inherent property of Universe .One should be well prepared with Attitude & knowledge, to counter the same i.e earning due respect prior to deliever any change.
Also as we are having one saying
"BE GREEK IF IN GREEK" ,transformation of all applicable complex equations in real to life scenario.
Second step is to spread awareness in so called laymen language and to emphasise on the importance for a change.
Third step could be in corelation of change benefit with profit maximisation theory .

Hope i was inline in the above said topic.

Many thanks

Narayana said...

Agree. Most ( I think 99.9%) of organisation facing these issue across the globe today. End of the day most of top managers always say that there must be right balanace on business and quality!

I am sure that being quality professionals we face these challenges.

I think important point where most of organisations forget today is compramising on quality will have long term loss to any organisation.

I too agree that, few organisation do/invest too much on quality which is also dangerous. When they do this most of things, it will become ritual and people will feel hassled over a period of time.

In most of the organisation, without understaning their need, they try to do everything and finally they end up in no benefit over business results which will demotivate organisation to build up quality focused culture which will bring negative results on long run.

While building up quality culture, one point we all of us has to understand is linkages of change in culture towards quality to business results. If these linkage is established well in advance, I think it will sustain in any organisation and Corporates will be able reap benfit out of this. I do not know how can we do this in each and every orgnisation, welcome all of you to share your ideas on "How"? You are lucky enough to get such opportunity and implment !!