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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Top 10 Quality Gurus in India - Respond with your nominees.

It’s now been over two weeks with the post on ‘Top 10 Quality Gurus of India’ being out on my Blog and three groups on Linkedin.  We have had over 30 responses with multiple nominations.  Here are some quick insights.

My definition of Guru surely was not clear.  People have responded with names of quality managers (good ones I am sure) to P C Mahalanobis.  This points to the lack of clarity in my original post. Apologies.

We are seeking Gurus – so they have to be in between your managers and P C Mahalanobis. Gurus should have had some original and pioneering work. I agree consultants have an advantage here.  These Gurus should have done majority of their work in India.

I will be setting up a small panel to evaluate the nominations.  We have support from ASQ India to help in this study.

We may have to divide the list into Gurus and Leading Practioners (or a similar title).

Early nominations include:

P C Mahalanobis
J J Irani
Suresh Lulla
R V Ramchandran
Essae Chandran
Manu Vohra
Hans Bajaria
Gopal Kanji
Janak Mehta, TQMI

Satyendra Kumar
Debashish Sarakar, Avery Deninson and ICICI Bank
Mukesh Jain, Microsoft
Ramaswami Viswantahn, QAI
N C Narayanan, SSA Academy
Deepti Arora, Nokia-Seimens
Hemant U
Nilakanta Srinivasan
Anil Sachdev
Amitabh Saxsena

Original Post - 19 June

I am looking at building a list top 10 quality gurus of India. Who are your nominees?

Some ground rules for the search.

1. You can nominate multiple Gurus. Please limit one nomination per response to this post to help me sort later.

2. Nominee must be an Indian or POI (Person of Indian Origin).

3. Most of his/her work should either have been performed in India or has benefited Indian companies.

4. Nominees can include professionals, academics, consultants, or any others who have made a significant impact.

5. Don't just lick up and nominate your Bosses!

Feel free to share this post to get more response. I aim to keep this search open till 20 July 2011.

If you are a member of ASQ India or QualityNet groups on LinkedIn, you may post your responses there as well.


Venkat Ramesh said...

Would recommend the name of Debashish Sarkar. I am througly impressed by his books. published by ASQ Press. My friends in ICICI Bank have told me that he drove process thinking there. Over a decade he assiduously made the silent change. just googled his name before writing this… He also pioneered the application of lean to service industry

Vidhya Rohit said...

I would recommend Mr Suresh Lulla, Managing Director Qimpro Consultants Private Limited.

Mr Lulla has pioneered quality improvement across industries using the Juran methodologies.

The passion and drive he exhibits even today for making a difference is indeed worth appreciating.

Gautam Kumar said...

I think this list could not be completed without mentioning the name of P C Mahalanobis. He contributed in the field of Quality through Statistics. Harold Hotelling wrote: "No technique of random sample has, so far as I can find, been developed in the United States or elsewhere, which can compare in accuracy with that described by Professor Mahalanobis". He established ISI(Indian Statistical Institute), which is producing quality professionals through its various programs of study.

Narayana said...

I nominate name of Gandhi Prasad. I have worked with this person where he was playing a role of independant consultant to my previous organisation. He worked with him for about 4 months where I could see, he is able to bring the change management in the organisation right from top to all the levels which is a must for any organisation.

Manish Patel said...

I would like to nominate Mukesh Jain. He is Principal Test Manager at Microsoft. His passion for quality is outstanding and have written a book and speaks regularly at conferences. I have seen his approach for zero defects in software and have witnessed results in Microsoft.

dmrpanda said...

Few suggestions: (order is not as they appear)
1. Janak Mehta [www.tqmi.com]
2. PN Lahane[www.tqmi.com]
3. Dr V K Krishnamurthy [http://nmcc.nic.in/Html/vKrishna_murthy.htm]
4.N. Ramanathan (Adviser, TQM, SRF)[www.isqnet.org]
5. Suresh Lulla (www.qimpro.com)

Suresh Gopalakrishnan said...

Dr JJ Irani, ex MD of Tata Steel and the Chief of TQMS, amongst many other roles that he has played. In terms of the sheer impact of the excellence focus, a holistic view of quality, and the scale of stakeholders positively affected by it, my vote goes out to Dr Irani for bringing such a leadership thrust to the Quality Movement in India

Ramesh_Singhani@rediffmail.com said...

Having travelled widely my belief is that the following should be in the list of quality gurus in India..
- P C Mohalanobis
- Janak Mehta
- Suresh Lulla
- Debashis Sarkar

These individuals are widely known and have today placed India in a different platform as far as quality management is concerned

Mr. J.J. Irani was a great sponsor but he cannot be called a Quality Guru…

Anshuman, you have to very careful and should research well before selecting the list.
Ramesh Singhani

chew jian chieh said...

i would nominate Ramaswami (Rama) Viswanathan. He was the Head of the Six Sigma practice at QAI for IT and Transactional. Just look at his recommendations in linkedin.

opjain said...

I nominate following people, not necessarily in priority order:
1. Mr NC Narayanan of Six Sigma Alchemy
2. Mr. Suresh Lulla of QIMPRO
3. Prof. Amitava Banerjee of ISI Kolkata
4. Prof. PC Mahalabonis of ISI Kolkata

Anonymous said...

I would recommend Mr. Anil Kumar Dakoju who is currently associated with Cognizant Technologies & Mr. Pashupathi from Fidelity Investments. They are absolutely the seasoned brains on quality concepts and the best I have ever come across. Mr. Anil is known for effective practical application of the concepts to real time problems and Mr. Pashupathi brings out the the best in making even animals as quality gurus. Simply quintessential champions I have come across in my career

Rob Sherwood said...

I would nominate Deepti Arora. She is Head of Quality for Nokia-Siemens Networks and was previously Head of Quality for Motorola Wireless Networks. In each role, she is a key driver of 6-Sigma methodologies, team based problem solving, and a customer focused approach to quality that gave Motorola a recognized leadership position in quality.

Jasmeet Kohli said...

I would like to name Mr Sethu. He is a Master Black Belt & an ace statistician, & Training Director of eXample Consulting Group, Bangalore. He gave training to me of Green belt, & I was really very impressed with his knowledge & the way he presented himself. SIMPLY AWESOME !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Prof.Vedu Mitter Profile

Professor Vedu Mitter is a graduate in Physics, post-graduate in Electrical Communication engineering and Advanced Electronics, and a diplomate in Business Management. He has about 45 years of work experience in variegated businesses of which two years were in Switzerland. He has occupied various positions including that of Chief Executive Officer for several years. He was also Advisor (Total Quality) to a well-known business group in Chennai. He has taught Strategic Management, Total Quality Management and Six Sigma to Business Management students. He is a Fellow of several professional societies, including Chartered Quality Institute (UK). He is an QMS Lead Auditor, a qualified Business Excellence Assessor, ASQ certified Software Quality Engineer and a Six-Sigma Master Black Belt. He is the inventor of 10 patents and twice winner of NRDC awards for invention. He is the first ever Indian and one of eight pioneers worldwide to be elected an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Circuit Technology, UK.

He has taught quality to hundreds in about 43 companies and many remember him as a pioneer who was instrumental in getting ISO-9001 and ISO-9002: 1987 certification to India as part of the core group formed by Department of Electronics.
He has been in the field of quality since 1967 in Switzerland and since 1970 in India.

9 Grateful understudies
who occupy important positions

Shilpa said...

I recommend Mr. Pavan Kota, Founder and President of Lean Six Sigma International Board (LASSIB). He has been promoting the concepts of quality through various conferences he attended and has now launched Lean Six Sigma Conventions in India. He has also invested heavily in developing complete training material, e learning courses and case studies which are all available free of cost for everyone to download. Through his consulting role at KINDUZ Consulting, he has assisted many organizations in India in their journey to achieve business excellence.

Shalin Gupta said...

Some of the names in your list though good are Indians who are US citizens (Manu Vora, Hans Bajaria, Kanji). They should be removed. You should also not include MDs like Mr Irani of Tata Sons. You should also remove the names of consultants and trainers (Amitv Saxena, Narayanan). Please look for credible names who have made brand India proud. Among the consultnats the names who are credible include: Lulla, Janak Mehta. Among practinner, it should be Satyendra Kumar, Anil Sachdev, Debashis Sarkar only

Ashok Kumar V said...

NC Narayanan of SSA Business solutions who has helped Corporates in implementing excellence programs

a kumar

Robert MacLeod said...

Author of several Indian bestsellers in the field of quality is Subir Chowdhury. Check him out at www.Subirchowdhury.com
He is the one of the very rare author and thinkers in the world in the field of quality whose books are sold million copies and translated more than 20 languages. He wrote the first book on Design For Six Sigma and credited popularizing the subject worldwide. His new quality management philosophy is LEO (listen, enrich, optimize) and his book The Power of LEO will be releasing in October. The guru should be a person who introduces new ideas and concepts.

Anthony Coppens said...

Subir Chowdhury is a credible name but he is a US citizen. His work is all done in USA. As far as I remember he is from Bangladesh whos studied in IIT KGP before moving to America

Gajendra Mishra said...

You should avoid businessmena who wear the garb of a quality guru. I find a few names in your list who are consultnt. A guru should be one who has made a global impact either though this teaching, implementation or writing.

Kamlesh.Prasad24@rocketmail.com said...


Good initiative. My nominations are:

Suresh Lulla,
Janak Mehta,
Subir Chaudhry,
Manu Vora,
Debashis Sarkar,
P Mehta

Rakesh Pd

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Unknown said...

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N Ganesan said...

I would recommend Mr.V. Kovaichelvan,TVS Motors for his outstanding contribution to win Deming award for the organisation and the counry. He is an Innovator and moderator for building quality and people strategies. He lives with the principles and quality practices. Excellent in influencing quality decisions

Preeti Singh said...

Would recommend Debashis Sarkar, He is an original thinker,his strength lies in thinking ahead in the future and conceptualising quality strategies and seamlessly adopting quality concepts for breakthrough results

C R Shetye said...

Congratulations Mr. Anshuman Tiwari for initiating this list. Having said this, if you are calling them Gurus, their credentials should be impeccable. I totally agree with Mr Shalin Gupta 3 July 2011 10:53 AM post.
Secondly, do you consider Lean & 6 Sigma as quality initiatives? They are basically problem solving methods, so the practitioners should be excluded.
The quality Gurus should demonstrate their expertise, achievements, zeal/passion for quality. They should demonstrate how their insistence on quality led to OVERALL IMPROVEMENT.
You have initiated the process more than one year back, and I have not seen the list of GURUS. What I would suggest is publishing a list of active practitioners and over time, their actions will establish their status.

CPC said...

My nomination for Guru is Mr Janak Mehta. He was the first Director of TQM Division in CII and was responsible to impart the missionary zeal among executives.

Unknown said...

I would like to nominate Mr. Balaji Reddy, Founder, Deming Forum India

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Sanjay said...

My compliments on a much required and welcome initiative.
What is the final or current list please.

Unknown said...

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Prashant said...

I would recommend Mr. Anuj Goel sir, Principal Consultant at www.VQMS.co.in for his sound knowledge and expertise over Quality Management, Business-process Excellence and Management.

I have seen the passion and enthusiasm, how he delivers knowledge to students.

he has assisted many organizations and has been playing vital role in continual improvements to various organization in India in his journey to achieve business excellence.

He has been widely promoting the concepts of process excellence -n-Quality through various Seminars, conferences.

VQMS Pvt Ltd - www.vqms.co.in said...

I would recommend Mr. Goel sir, Director at www.VQMS.co.in for his expertise over Quality Management, Business-process Excellence and mgmt.

I have seen the passion and enthusiasm, how he delivers knowledge to students.

he has assisted many organizations and has been playing vital role in continual improvements.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend Mr. Goel sir, Director at www.VQMS.co.in for his expertise over Quality Management, Business-process Excellence and mgmt.

I have seen the passion and enthusiasm, how he delivers knowledge to students.

he has assisted many organizations and has been playing vital role in continual improvements.

Anonymous said...

What does Practitioner mean- I know of few names who had been practically miserable in actual delivery.

Why have you limited names who are in ASQ forums. Go beyond and you will get many more real gems.

Unknown said...

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