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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Quality and Social Responsibility - Twins?

What does Quality and Social Responsibility have in common? Both have been around a while and both are often neglected. And companies that embrace them – Win.

Paul Borwaski, CEO of ASQ has posed an interesting question on his blog - tell me how you’re making the case for quality and social responsibility. And if you’re not—why?
I have often wondered, albeit in jest, that when we work for quality we are actually deploying a very strong social responsibility as citizens. I know most of us work to make a living and to take care of a family. But why did we choose quality (for those of us who did choose)?  

There is an inherent lack of immediate results in working for quality that is so similar to working for Social Responsibility. Also, even though very sound logic exists, professionals in both fields have to keep convincing the management of the longer term utility of these fields.

I have made a choice to make a case for quality by not (usually) accepting poor quality products and services and to make my voice (complaints) heard. I have made a choice towards Social Responsibility by devoting significant time to volunteer activities in quality and talking to young quality professionals. I am sure most of you do much more.

My belief is, and I could be naïve, if all of us make some simple but sustainable choices about our commitment to quality and social responsibility, the world could be a far better place than it is. Look for what you can commit to and then stick to the course.

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