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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Right to Quality

We are in the World Quality Month. Earlier this month, I had written to ASQ India members encouraging all of us to take a further step in raising the voice of quality. My mentor and a Quality Guru, Suresh Lulla wrote back challenging me to do something special this month.

In response, I decided to act on my long standing desire to ‘talk’ quality to school students. I was able to convince two schools to let me conduct a session for senior (grade 11 and 12) students.

The talk was titled ‘Right to Quality’ and was delivered to 41 very patient students on 24 Nov 2012 in Bangalore. The participating schools were Presidency School and St. Paul’s School.

So, what is Right to Quality?

The core message of my talk to students was – If you want good quality delivered to you; begin by delivery good quality in whatever you are doing. It is only through this dedication and action for excellence that we can progress as a nation.

I included basic information on Juran, Deming, and Ishikawa in an effort to introduce students to these stalwarts. Surprisingly, students were very interested in knowing more about them.

We also conducted a quick brainstorming and fishbone on why some students secure low scores. As expected, this was a fun session.

5 S was very well received as most students said they could use this straightaway.

Here is a copy of the presentation. Do let me know if you are using it. Right To Quality ppt on SlideShare

What next for Right to Quality?

I am currently approaching schools in Bangalore to conduct this session and am hoping for some support in this effort. If you are reading this and can help by reaching out to administrations of some schools, I will be grateful. I am trying to take small steps in this journey but am aware of the potential of this idea.


Unknown said...

Hi Anshuman,
I applaud for leading this initiative with schools in Bangalore. For quality to become an attitude, the understanding of concepts and use of practices has to start early. There cannot be a better place to start than at schools. If students can be encouraged to infuse quality practices into their problem solving and decision making then that would help mitigate some of the resistance that we encounter when people look at quality as one more thing to do.

A few years ago, I had worked with ASQ HQ on their 'Koalaty Kid' initiative and the interest & participation from kids was very encouraging. You might have already seen this, but I'm including a link to a workbook from the Koalaty Kid initiative for your reference.

Good luck with moving your initiative forward!


Anonymous said...

Great going Anshuman! Like Mr. Prem said in his comment, to instill a sense of good quality within our generation, the awareness has to start early! Best of luck for your future sessions in other schools. I'm sure you will find more takers.

Balya said...

Anshuman ,
Since you are talking about school going children , I remembered something that happened when my daughter was about seven . She came up to me and asked me - Daddy , what is it that you teach your students ?
I asked her if she was willing to listen . When she nodded , I told her the story of Deming and Juran . She has been "sold" to this ever since !
It's when I speak to managers that I feel the resistance - not with students .

Anshuman Tiwari said...

Thanks Prem, Sameer, and Balya.

CyrilSunil said...

I think the initiative has a purpose and those participants who had the opportunity to learn were the lucky ones.
Kaizen principles is most suitable to students and can encourage their creativity.
best wishes,

Satej said...

Its of great importance when we get such basics on quality and betterment changes in schools and colleges. What a simple and clear ppt. Moreover the way you explain is what make it more interesting..

Kaizen princiles are the roots for business improvements. Wat a great initiative Sir.