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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Continued Relevance and 10X returns a must for quality professionals

A new ASQ round-table topic recently pushed me to think about careers in Quality. It is not uncommon for professional organizations to think about careers of their members. If members earn more they pay more in fees. On a serious note, a core function of a professional association is to see the function grow and attract more (and better) professionals to its fold.
Where does my career go in 2016? I don’t really know. I hope it goes far but being the realist I am, I hope it remains on course to go far in the longer run. I am hoping to make my team more benefit oriented than method oriented. It is high time quality functions delivered in multiples (10x?) of their budget and do so consistently. I would like to focus on execution and getting things done. In doing so I could be more relevant through the year. And that’s the theme – Continued Relevance.

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