Why Manage Better?

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

All work is not equal - Using Runner Repeaters and Strangers for better outcomes!

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Hello friends. I am Anshuman Tiwari, and this is my podcast on Quality and Operational Excellence. I call it the The Operational Excellence Advantage and am hoping to bring you views on how we all can use operational excellence as a competitive advantage at work. I will share my views and occasionally invite others from the industry to share lessons you can use. Your feedback is essential and always welcome.

Today I want to share a key concept in Operational Excellence that is often missed out in the rush of getting things done and fighting a fire a day. I have often said that Operational Excellence is a balance of theory and practice. Most of us are consumed by the practice and do not take the time to stop and ask ourselves – what is the theory behind this? Is there a better theory I can use? What are others doing about this issue?

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Five Questions to Review your Year and make 2020 Awesome!

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Okay so the deluge of new year wishes would have now subsided a bit. Before we forget we are in a new year – here are my best wishes for the new year for you all.

Another year is ending and if you are like most others you have let it pass by. Now, I don’t want to spoil your new year joy but am hoping to point you to review your last year with some critical questions. I have done this over the last several years and found such questioning useful and wanted to share in the hope that the questions will help you as well.

Asking questions
Why do we need to ask questions of ourselves? Well, primarily because we don’t like or let others ask them of us. Questions help any progress possible. The first step is always a question. Often unanswered, at least initially. We need questions. We may not have the answers always, but we need questions. No progress is possible without a good question.