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Monday, February 24, 2020

Podcast #4 - Interview with Carmit Berdugo Cohen

Hello Friends. I am Anshuman Tiwari and this is my podcast now called Manage Better www.managebetter.in with Anshuman Tiwari. This podcast was earlier called Operational Excellence and I am expanding it to – Manage Better. I am hoping to bring to you best practices and stories from all aspects of managing better. If you like these episodes please share it across your network. And please do subscribe so you get to know when the next episode is available. 
Today I bring to you a very interesting guest. She is from Israel and a well known quality Consultant there. We have interacted for a while and I have been impressed with her passion for quality. This is a story we all need to hear.

Carmit Berdugo Cohen is a forward-thinking Quality Manager who embraces bold and visionary strategies to reach world-class results while making quality a priority, adding value and increase customer satisfaction. Carmit has over 15 years of experience and her approach to quality is unorthodox, as she heavily utilizes out-of-the-box creativity in her professional life. Carmit believes that the biggest drawback industry is facing is an outdated approach to quality. Therefore, a personal goal of hers is to innovate quality thinking and adjust it to the era of Industry 4.0. she communicates her insights and thoughts on Quality 4.0 on LinkedIn, to inspire my colleagues all over the world. She believes that quality, when properly executed, is an exponential engine for growth and shorter time to market. She has established a dedicated platform, qllaborator, to share Best Known Methods from Quality experts.

Carmit will share with us her Quality journey, what we need to do to win management support, and what she is doing to 'Market' quality. 
My website is now www.managebetter.in and podcast has moved to managebetter.buzzsprout.com. I will post these links along with this Podcast. 
Till our next episode – keep the quality flag flying high and yes, Manage Better. 

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